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Established in 1932 under the nae lindetives pieter schoen & zoon (NVLP&Z) as one of NV lindetives subsidiaries a netherlands based corporation, was nationalized in 1950s and changed name into PT Cat Utama. In the 1980s we relocated the factory site and installed new factory facilities in a fairly large plot of land.
The factory was equipped with the state of the art and sophisticated technolgy as well as waste treatment unit in cibinong bogor west java. since then we changed the nae again into PT.Sigma Utama and operated under PT.Mega Eltra, a state owned company. We had once established a partnership. with Sigma coating BV Holland as an effort to gain transfer of technology.
Currently, we progress further producing quality paint products under the trade mark of "Sigma Utama".
The combination of our experience since 1932 in tropical regions paint business with the acquired technical expertise in paint production ensures the high standard of our product and services.
We produce heavy-duty coating including marine and protective industrial paints and paints for architectural use. Since 1997 we introduced Sigma Utama quality decorative paint in order to fulfill the market demans. This has bee successfully grew steadly up to the present and the installed capasity is 6.000 tons/year.
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UWC paint
Under water cured application

Product Description
*Two component amine cured epoxy
*Can be applied to steel and concrete above and under water without primer
*100% solid coating and present no environmental hazard
*Non Toxic and will not pollute water environments either during or after cure

Principal uses
Simaguard UWC EP Coating can be applied above water, through the splash zone and uder water, it offers protection to concrete and metal structures.
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In the environment friendly period surface preparation by blasting for recoat will create a problem more over the budget will be costly...........
We know the solution because we have the product which did not need surface preparation at all to recoat
so.........if the maintenance budget absorb to the surface preparation cost to recoat..........
hurry up to contact us...........
Save time and pocked
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steel :
Surface to be coated should be free from oil, dirt, marine groth, sharp edges, weld splatter etc. Optimum performance of UWC Coating will be obtained if the surfaces are cleaned by abrasive blasting to :
1. White metal
2. Surface profile 50-75 microns

concrete :
Remove all dirt, oil, grease, etc and any loose material. All laitance to be removed by light grit blasting or high presssure water blasting for optimum adhesion of coating. Big holes and honeycomb areas in concrete should be filled with an approved grout prior to application of UWC Coating.

1. Remove lid from base component can and mix without entrapping air to ensure may material settled out on bottom of the can is re-dispersed to produce a homogenous blend.
2. Pour all contents of hardener component can into the can base component and mix throughly for approximately 5 minutes without entrapping excess air.
3. Mixing ratio base : hardener =1 : 1

1. It is recommended that SIMAGUARD UWC EP COATING be applied using the specially developed product application machine (PAM), spray application onto dry or wet substrates above water, power fed brush or roller application underwater.
2. Application should be carried out only by personal experienced with chemicaly reactive coatings.
3. Operation of this unit is fully covered in the operation & Maintenance manual supplied with the equipment.
4. Alternative methods are brushing and hands gloves.
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